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a little quality time with your 

wrinkly bean bag can save your life. 

Are you between 15 - 35 years of age? Great, listen up.

We don't wanna freak you out, but testicular cancer is

the most common cancer in men your age.

If you catch it early the better the outcome will be. Thats why we've 

made a little guide so you know how to check your precious man jewels.

The last thing you want is loosing a ball. It's not fun. We've tried it. 

So go on! it's easy and your bean bag will love the attention.

Its not like you havn't got your hands down there all ready.

how to check yourself


A wise man once said,

"Chickity-check yo self before you wreck yo self."

Yes, that man was Ice Cube, so check yourself for:

lumps, irregularites 

& size difference




Check one testicle at a time, using both hands




Drawn by Aaron Bamber-Read


Roll your testicle between your thumb and fingers.

Use slight preasure.

familiarize yourself with the spermatic cord & epididymis tube like structures that connect

on the back side of each testicle

Follow these 3 steps once a month.


excuse me waiter?

but there is lump in my ballsack!

Thanks for helping Ice Cube

see your doctor!

2020-07-19 12.56.08 1.jpg

who are these muppets asking me to

touch my balls?

Our goal is to build a community that both helps spread awareness,  as well as creating a safe space for men with, or who have had, testicular cancer.

Hands In Your Pants came about after Stuey had testicular cancer, twice. Thats why we want to make sure you boys know how to self-assess and why it is Important.


What to look for and the importance of going to the doctor.

We want you to know your nuts, touch your balls and have the courage to talk to friends and go see the doctor.


We are passionate about blokes touching and talking about their balls - natural or prosthetic.


We are passionate about blokes

touching their balls


Testicular cancer is often noted as a “rare” or “treatable cancer”

on many homepages and medical papers.

For those of us who or have had it - not so rare.

Many of us have our lives turned upside down following this “treatable disease” and some do pass away.

It helps to talk to someone who has walked in the same shoes. 

So if you have been diagnosed with testicular cancer we have monthly meet-ups in Copenhagen for anyone who

wants a little support, share their story or just

compare prosthetic balls.

Did we mention that there is beer involved?

Join us for a beer

(we have no idea who the dude holding

the beer is, but he looks cool)


get answers

What does it mean if I have a lump or an irregularity in my ball sack? 

It could mean one of many things, it could be: 

A simple inflammation, Epididymitis, Testicular torsion, Hydrocele, Cyst, Testicular Cancer or something completely different. 


Many big words that all mean different things, with different outcomes. However, one thing they all have incommon, is your doctor will know exactly what it is and will be able to give you the appropriate help.

What is an inflammation?

An inflammation is the bodies response to an injury. The body rushes large amounts of blood cells to an organ or body part to protect it, which often causes the body to swell up.


However, an inflammation is just a protective response and it can be hard to understand exactly what it is trying to protect. Therefor it is important to see your doctor, to understand exactly what the body is trying to “fight” or protect you against.


If I feel something unusual, when should I go to the doctor?

Just wait a few weeks – NO, go straight away. In Australia they say  "leave it, she will be right" - she won't. You will spend so much more energy and time thinking about the doctor visit and the downstairs department than you would, if you just went straight to the doctor and got it checked out. Unfortunately, there is no statistics on how many testicular, testis, balls or gonads a doctor sees per day, week or month, but one thing is for certain, they see A LOT and yours are just one of many. 

Sorry champ, the doctor will not get excited nor talk to there friends about your special balls or penis – you are just another ball sack to examine.  

HIYP have no recommendations, we are telling you to go to the doctor – no buts or if's. 

Am I gonna lose my balls, all my muscles and will I ever have kids?

If you have testicular cancer no matter the stage, the testical must go. However, the good news is that losing one testicle does not have any physical consequences.


The remaining ball should produce enough testosterone that you won’t notice a difference in your daily life, and you will still be performing like a stallion wherever you may be performing.

It may have phycological consequences, but that is why we are  established Hands In Your Pants, to build a platform that makes sure you do not feel alone in the process. 

Will I walk around with a disproportioned, imbalanced and one-sided ball sack after the operation?

No, one gets a very nice prosthetic ball that will balance you back up.

Are you guys doctors?

No, so go see one :)

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