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World’s Longest Nut Walk

Claire from New Jersey is a legend. Why? Well, let us tell you.

People have a lot of dreams for their future. Few have the dream of having 50.000 plus followers on an Instagram profile that has the purpose of showing penis-shaped running routes (@dick_run_claire). Nevertheless, this was the destiny that fell into Claire’s lap.

It was while visiting her brother in Kansas, Claire’s life was forever changed. Claire was, as per usual, out for a good old fashioned run. A run like most others – music in the ears and off you go. However, on this day Claire got lost. She ran around town trying to find her way back. Finally, after somewhat of a de-route, she found her brother’s place. Naturally curious to where she had been running, Claire checked her GPS route and to her amazement saw a thing of beauty – a penis. Claire’s GPS tracker had created a marvelous penis.

Shortly after forming her creation on the GPS tracker, Claire was hooked. Claire wanted to create more penises via her GPS. As Claire simply puts it to VICE magazine “I love looking for new penis-routes”. One must commend Claire for her diversity of dicks. An important message for the word – dicks come in all shapes and sizes.

This got us thinking. What other body part comes in all shapes and sizes and needs more awareness. Of course, the stones swinging below our hips. Our balls. Our nuts. This is why Hands In Your Pants will be attempting to perform the World’s Longest Nut Walk to create awareness of the nutsack, its beauty and the importance of giving them a monthly check.

Thus, the last Saturday of April 2021, Hands In Your Pants will commence a journey no man nor women has ever performed. We will walk through the streets of outer and inner Copenhagen from early morning to late(ish) evening. We will hand out nuts to remind men to touch their nuts; eat donuts from Bronuts with the youth; eat Danish pastry and romkugler, while discussing the shape and texture of our balls; lastly, we will talk, laugh and everything in between with each other and the people we meet on our way.

Join our trip and read more on our Instagram @HandsInYourPants00

Thanks to State Energy, BroNuts, Kringlen, Oddballs and Nøddebazaren for supporting our endeavor in breaking the world record!

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